which reminds me

which reminds me the mind is an aquarium, your enthusiasm glints midway through this prepared crisis, I hear the backpedalling in your eyes. let’s not dispute the authorship of this moment. this isn’t playing out like the recapitulation of your old victories and we both feel the new heat slipping into disarray. the arrhythmic dance of pupils. you prefabricate a knowing retort for every last blossom, draw squares around my circles, reap before I’ve sown. “present yourself, not merely what’s coherent,” you say with a fresh cooked smile. and we both nod glowingly, reluctant to embrace the hemisphere, unprivvy to the latest doctrines. but it’s that moment when your soul directed falters that catches my attention overlapping, reminds me why I annotated the void in the first place. we think from the color, the surreptitious motion of the fishes we can gauge the method of their traffic, the will, the reason. but in the end I hear your prosody thickening, darts aimed at hazy membranes, inspirations fluttering unresolved—and still convinced the fish hear us knocking on the glass.

what is wrinkled

what is wrinkled
call half-true
and let cement

an idea steeped in
the pretty little

skull of a girl
convinced she’s


coiled, she sheds curls—
tangleclump litter,
discarded galaxies.

believes in soulmates;
genetics too.

wonders hotly whether
kindred souls prewrite
quantum entangled strands
and space&time synchronize at love’s locus

and DNA is a pedantic romancer.

they caught me

they caught me in
a tunnel of grey,
took my blinders, fed
me morose plates.
filled my throat with
water, demanded I etch

unsure whose truth to
fetch, I confabulate.
regurgitate distortion.
spin-luck contortion.

as though my knots
were tractable, they
extricate social coordinates.
doesn’t matter though—
I’m thoroughly uncharted.

recharacterize litany

recharacterize litany:
a somber monsoon.
rebrand acuity—
sharp dust saloon.

neglect curiosities pangs
—ribald silhouette claims—
unevolve discourse masks,
flaunt genetic lapse

civil blood jest, absocial
court civil unrest,
whistle flat trauma hymns.


embers correlate acceptance
renewed tremors consummate

incarcerate despotism; genuflect.
embalm lottery quotient

expand recourse, imagine
metaspace tunnel pilgrims
perusing the geometries of ontology.

word cloth

word cloth 1.

language archer—poised
in lengthy half-folds
where less green hazards

runs tip-toed blotch marshes
till unscrews bleed half-
corners in mind-pocket
seams 2.

determined linguistics other
untrue pirates comb basal
saunter otherwhims until
playbell stories unring

then we all ask diplomacy
endtable roaming auburn
leaflets whether straws
wear pinecones and tell
songs unseem.

doubtless obstacles

doubtless obstacles writing curved how-do-you-do in the straw sand
eating bleach paper writing how-to manual seedling (the fellow
types with his left nostril (whistling as he .)

left cartoon smudges
walked cryptic word-tears
from the parts of pages

oft-tuned piano (wanting
for the always clamor,
always shy deprived
aroused by the though of dissonance)